ViaQuest, Inc.

ViaQuest, Inc.
  • 525 Metro Place North
  • Suite 300
  • Dublin, OH, 43017
  • 855-289-1722
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Founded in 1999 by CEO Rich Johnson, ViaQuest has grown from a single division in Ohio to serving individuals throughout Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania. The name ViaQuest represents the overall mission of the company: a group of people on a mission (or Quest) to change the way (Via) health care services are delivered.

Through a wide range of innovative services referred to as ViaQuest’s Circle of Care, our skilled, dedicated employees ensure that the people we serve are active participants in their own care.

ViaQuest offers quality, highly-personalized, specialized and cost-effective care, solutions and services through the following divisions:

Psychiatric & Behavioral Solutions
Veteran Services
Day & Employment Services
Residential Services
Diversity & Inclusion

ViaQuest is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. For more information on our services, visit our website at