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C&W Meter Service Inc
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C&W Meter Service is your partner of choice for custody transfer and mission critical liquid flow measurement proving services. With a wide variety of state of the art tools, C&W can meet the most demanding meter proving needs in the field or in our shop. The key to our success and your satisfaction is using the right tool for the job.

C&W has over 38 years of field experience in liquid petroleum meter proving for the pipeline, refinery, marketing terminal (truck loading rack), airport refueling and power/utility industries. All C&W proving methods are NIST traceable and include the use of traditional volumetric standards, automated in-line dynamic displacer Small Volume Prover technology and precision master meter references (Turbine, Positive Displacement and Coriolis mass flow).

In addition to the traditional petroleum industries listed above, we also serve all types of industrial plants that require on-site NIST traceable liquid meter calibration. With our broad selection of volumetric and mass (Coriolis) master meters we can develop an on-site solution that meets your requirements.