Union County Auditor's Office

Union County Auditor's Office
  • 233 West 6th Street
  • Marysville, OH, 43040
  • 937-645-3003
  • Website

The Union County Auditor's office strives for a clean, accountable and efficient government that seeks to serve with excellence the residents and businesses of Union County. The Budgetary, IT, Real Estate, and Weights & Measures Departments of the Union County Auditor's Office work with Union County's ever-growing population of approximately 63,000 residents, 32,000 parcels, 20,000 residences, 8,000 dogs, 5,000 agricultural parcels, 500 county employees, 43 taxing districts, 8 school districts and numerous businesses and industries who call the 270,000 acres of Union County their home.